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Salto is a keyless door entry system that allows you to open a door using only your mobile phone and the JustIN Mobile app. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and we advise you to install it prior to your arrival.

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Installing the app

  1. Download the app: To start using the Salto keyless door entry system, you will need to download the JustIN Mobile app. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and can be downloaded at any time using your phone's App Store.
  2. Wait until the day of check-in: Access to your room will be granted only on the day of your check-in, not before. It's important to note that the registration process can only be completed on the day of check-in.
  3. Register your phone: On the day of checkin, register your phone number in the app and validate it by entering the number code received via SMS. Please ensure to accept the terms and allow notifications.

Using JustIN mobile to open a door

  1. Go to the door you want to open.
  2. Open the JustIN Mobile app and select the door you want to open.
  3. Hold your phone near the Salto sensor (the black part above the handle) and wait until it blinks.
  4. On the app, press the large green button. The handle will blink green.
  5. Press the door handle to open the door.
Salto XS 4 Smart lock
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If you receive the message "No key assigned" during registration, it means that no key has been assigned to your phone number. Keys are assigned on the day of check-in only if the booking is paid in full.
If you are unable to register your phone number or not receiving any SMS, please ensure that you have internet access on your phone and that you are able to receive SMS messages. If the problem persists, please contact our customer support team.
If the door blinks yellow when you try to open it, it means that there is a problem with the connection between your phone and the lock. Ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled and that your phone software is up to date.
If the door blinks red 3 times in a row, it means that the lock's battery is empty. Please contact our customer support immediately.
To ensure privacy and prevent room service from entering your accommodation while you're inside, simply locate the button at the bottom of the door knob. By pressing this button, you can activate a lock mechanism that effectively prevents anyone (except you) from accessing your accommodation from the outside. The lock automatically disengages when you open the door by pulling the handle.
If you want to give door access to an additional person please : - Install the JustIn Mobile App - Provide us with the phone number by mail on [booking@coucounco.ch](mailto:booking@coucounco.ch).