Request for extended stay

Request for extended stay

If you find that you need to extend your booking for a longer period during your stay, please submit an extension request to our hospitality team. You can do this either by email (

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Send us your request for a booking extension.
  2. If the accommodation is available, we will send you a booking offer.
  3. Confirm the extension by making the payment.
  4. Enjoy your extended stay.

Please note that:

  • Consider early : The extension is subject to availability, the earlier you request it the more probable it is that your booking can be extended.
  • Cleaning fee: If the extension is confirmed less than 24h before your initial checkout or if an accommodation change is required (typically if the current accommodation is not available), additional cleaning fees may apply.
  • Accept the extension: To confirm your reservation, you must accept the extension by paying the full booking amount.
  • Deposit: If you extend your booking and stay in the same accommodation, your deposit can be transferred. In this case, you can ignore any deposit recall notices. Our hospitality team will transfer the deposit on the day the extension starts.
  • Booking rate: In general, the same nightly rate as the initial booking will apply to the extension, but it is possible for prices to increase due to changes in seasonality.

Remember, it's best to communicate your desire to extend your stay as early as possible to secure available accommodations and negotiate favorable rates. Be polite and understanding throughout the process, as hospitality staff will do their best to accommodate your request based on availability.