Using keybox


A keybox, also referred to as a key safe or lockbox, is a durable and secure container specifically designed for the storage and safekeeping of keys.

To open a keybox, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the code: Our key boxes have a 4-digit code or combination lock. This code is made available once the booking is fully paid and within 10 days of checkin.
  2. Locate the keybox: Identify the specific keybox you need to access. It is often mounted on a wall, gate, or door of a property. For the exact location, please consult your access guide previously received by email.
  3. Input the code: Enter the code or combination into the keypad or dial on the keybox. Make sure to enter each digit accurately.
  4. Open the keybox: Once you have entered the correct code, the keybox should unlock. Some keyboxes may require an additional button to be pressed or a latch to be released.
  5. Retrieve the key: Open the keybox by lifting the lid, sliding a panel, or pulling a lever. Inside, you will find the key stored securely.
  6. Close the keybox: After retrieving the key, ensure that the keybox is securely closed to protect the contents and maintain its functionality. Please scramble the code.
Keybox from the brand Burg Wächter


If the keybox is empty, it is likely that our cleaning staff is currently on-site. Please contact our customer service.
First, ensure that you have entered the correct code. Additionally, try pulling the lid from the sides instead of from the top as this can sometimes help with opening the keybox.
Please refer to your access guide, which was emailed to you once the booking was fully paid. The guide should provide specific instructions on locating the keybox.
Yes, it is crucial to maintain the confidentiality of the keybox code or combination and only share it with authorized individuals. If you encounter any issues, please report them to our staff for assistance.
If you notice that the keybox is detached, please inform our staff immediately so that they can reattach it and ensure the security of the keys.